Zoe Illaria

Varisian musician and dancer of some fame


Zoe was born to a Varisian family of itinerant merchants. Her father, mother, brother and her all traveled through southern Varisia selling various wares and they all had a knack for music, dancing, and food. Zoe has many distant family members scattered all over the map. Her father was a very well liked man and her parents had many siblings. Zoe has an uncle, and three cousins in Korvosa that she is very close to, and her family always stayed with them on their trips there.

Her uncle Bavolio Roiat is a blacksmith who is known for his skill at the forge. Last year he gifted Zoe a special starknife that he said had special meaning to their heritage. Her cousins Adelia, Zemara, & Aros are younger than her. Adelia is around Zoe’s age and Zemara and Aros are younger.

Her paternal grandmother Ziomarra lives in Melfesh, which is a holding of Korvosa’s about five days’ travel from the city known for its water wheel-driven industries. Melfesh is the starting point for the Crimson Coast Road caravan route that Zoe’s father often traveled. Zoe grew up close to Ziomarra, who was adept at hedge potions and midwife cures and was known for her accurate Harrow reading. The girl spent many nights learning the skills that her grandmother was willing to teach her.

Three years ago, Zoe’s family was contracted to take some goods from Melfesh to Korvosa by an individual who said he worked for a merchant named Gaedren Lamm. Her father picked up Lamm’s goods from a rather shady-looking contact, but Zoe decided to stay an extra few days with Ziomarra, planning to catch up with the rest of her family in Korvosa after they made delivery. Shortly before he left, Zoe’s father Porfirizo gave her a pet – a duckling that she named Freckles after his unusual spotted down.

When Zoe arrived in Korvosa she went to Uncle Bavolio’s house, expecting to meet up with the rest of her family. Her uncle broke the horrible news that Zoe’s parents and brother had been found by the Korvosan Guard, murdered, with their wagon burned and the goods nowhere to be found. With only the name Gaedren Lamm as a clue, Zoe used her charm and her skill with the Harrow deck to try and track down her family’s killer. But three long years have passed and so far the evil cretin remains at large.

Zoe is now 21 and has used her charm and skill with dance and music to make a decent living for herself. She is well-known in Varisian circles along the southern coast, and has even been invited to play for a few minor noble families. Her hope is to gain fame and fortune in Korvosa so that one day she can have enough resources to find, question, and punish Lamm.

On her way to Korvosa, a man and his little sister greet Zoe as she is building her campfire. He offers her food as a trade for warmth. Zoe can’t help but like being around others and as they begin talking they find that they are all traveling to the same place. Zoe invites them to come along, as she never minds having an audience.

Zoe Illaria

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