Kell Nora

Mysterious Acadamae-trained summoner


Kell knows almost nothing of her early years. She was found as a baby by the crime boss Gaedren Lamm on outskirts of town and taken in as one of his army of orphan slaves, made to work and steal at Lamm’s whim. Kell herself was rasied as personal servant to Lamm and faced constant abuse from the foul old man. Shortly after her fourteenth birthday, Kell began hearing a voice in her head. A voice that told her to leave the city for the Mushfens, a few days to the west, to find her destiny. The voice was so strong, so persuasive, that she found she could not resist. She packed her meager possessions and made ready to leave.

Unfortunately, Lamm’s goons caught her in the act of escaping. The beating she received nearly killed her, and it likely would have if her abilities had not manifested. In the depths of agonizing pain, her eidolon Shorenka sprung forth from the shadows to save her. Lamm’s sadistic lackeys fled, and Kell spent long days living on the streets until she recovered her strength.

Having no support and not fully understanding her skills, Kell survived as a petty thief, calling on Shorenka to scare merchants and unsuspecting targets so she could steal food or purses. This lasted until a day five years ago, when she made the mistake of targeting someone who appeared to be a typical wealthy target. The woman turned out to be an instructor at the Acadamae, who was less-than-impressed with the appearance of Kell and her untrained eidolon. She mustered her will and focused on Kell – and darkness fell.

Kell Nora woke some time later in a bare room, bathed and dressed in robes she would later discover signified her status as a neophyte Acadamae student. The wizard who had captured her entered a few minutes later with a choice – study and learn to master her skills as a summoner, or face Korvosa’s swift justice as a thief. The choice between facing a magister and life as a student at one of Golarion’s premier magical schools was easily made…

Since that fateful day, Kell has improved her skills greatly and has become somewhat accepted at the Acadamae, despite her strange background and her second-class status as a “mere summoner” rather than a true conjurer of devils. She has even made a friend, the tiefling daughter of the wizard who first found her, who works as one of the Acadamae’s hellspawn guards. Lately Kell has been thinking about the “adopted” brethren, the other orphans enslaved by Lamm. With her new powers, she feels it might be time to find the old man and end his reign. Permanently.

Kell Nora

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