Imperia Tauranor

Aria's mother and an Acadamae wizard


Aria Tauranor’s mother, Imperia is a wizard who believes in three things: the natural superiority of those who practice magic, that the Acadamae is rightfully at the pinnacle of magical schools in Golarion, and that her daughters were destined for great deeds. The loss of Korva to the ravages of shiver addiction bothers Imperia to this day.

Imperia studied at the Acadamae before taking a position as an instructor over 50 years ago. Now well into her 70’s, she remains sharp although her eyesight is worsening and her body is suffering the ravages of age. She has a small apartment just outside the Acadamae grounds and spends much of her time visiting with former students and colleagues.

Imperia Tauranor

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