Curse of the Crimson Throne

Nemo's Journal Part 2

Oathday, 25 Gozran, 4708AR

Today was interesting. I woke up this morning conflicted over my actions from last night. I had had a hand in murder. Righteous, well deserved, and necessary murder, but murder all the same. I knew it had to be done, and yet I felt guilty. I’m not a devout worshiper, but I wonder if the gods don’t have a plan specifically for me. I wonder if I would feel the same if I was given the task to end someone, rather than partaking in vigilantism.

After Kell checked with Shorenka that some of the turmoil had died down we elected to try and go sell our gains from the previous night. I brought Yelena with me to the market with the others. We started off by selling any of the items that we weren’t going to keep. Then, while we were looking for someone to appraise our brooch, we ran across a peddler selling various wares. He was haggling with Kell and Aria when I heard them say what it was they were discussing, and called the others over. It was a wand of Cure Light Wounds that the peddler claimed had 25 charges. Kell told me in an aside that she had confirmed that he was telling the truth and that the wand did indeed still have 25 charges remaining. Knowing that this would be a valuable group asset, I started discussing with the others about splitting the cost. The hold up was that no one of us in our party could afford it, and several of us were disinclined to even split the cost as they might not directly benefit from its use. Not wanting to see this opportunity pass by, as we could not afford a fully charged wand at all, I proposed a deal. Everyone would pay 50gp and I would pay the difference and that I would be the one to wield it. This idea got everyone on my side but for one. Aria was not having it. She insisted that if she wasn’t going to pay for an even portion of the wand without a guarantee that she would get an even share of the uses, four to be exact. I was galled, there was no way I could could be certain that she would be the one in the most need of the healing from the wand. I said something stupid and childish and she started to walk off. Realizing then that she was serious and was only thinking as she likely would have had to think to survive in this city, I called out to her. Thankfully she stopped and listened. I looked her in the eye and said, “If you are serious about insisting that you get four heals from the wand, we can talk”. After some more discussion between just the two of us, I told her that there was no way for me to guarantee that four charges from the wand would be used on her, but that I was willing and able to guarantee four castings of Cure Light Wounds, either from myself or from the wand. She accepted this compromise and we bought the wand. The wand itself is a wooden shaft with small sphere carved at the top. The sphere has six grooves cut into it. They are in two groups of three that are on opposite sides of the sphere from each other.

Our next stop was at a boutique to have the brooch appraised. Most of us stayed outside while Zoe and Aria went in to haggle. After a few moments and some nervouscited(click for definition) glances between each other, they returned to the rest of us. It turns out that our brooch actually belonged to the queen herself.

Amazed at our find, we decided to make one more stop before going to see the queen. We went by the Pantheon of Many to the alter of Iomedae where we had sent the orphans that we found working in Gaedren’s warehouse. Upon arriving there Aria handed out candy and Yelena recognized several children that she had known from before I had rescued her. When asked, they told us that Aedyn was out working. I donated some money to the temple for their trouble and told Yelena that she could stay while I went on with the others to the castle.

So, we went to see the queen. There was some hassle at the gate about leaving weapons and the like, but we got in to see her without too much trouble. I have to think that was because she had been informed of what we carried. She did seem pleased to receive the brooch, and handed us a silver chest. She also asked us if we would be willing to do some more work for the crown. We agreed to hear the offer.

We went to the Citadel Volshyenek to meet Cressida Kroft as the queen requested. She told us of a man, Verik Vancaskerkin, who had once been part of the guard, but had now gone rogue. She told us that he was operating out of a butcher shop in Northpoint. She requested that we bring him in without killing him. When we told her of our activities the night before, as proof that we had the necessary experience to deal with her situation, she was alarmed but relieved that a man like Lamm was off the streets. We assured her that we would not participate in anymore vigilantism and she relaxed.

After leaving the citadel we finally opened the chest we had received from the queen. It contained a small fortune. Divided six ways we each got two gold bars worth 100 gp apiece. We all agreed to stop by the temple of Abadar to deposit our money.
Finished with that, we agreed to meet at a tavern in North Point called The Three Rings later that night. In the interim I went back to the temple of Iomedae with a document allowing Yelena to withdraw from my account while I was gone if she needed it. She still had no more word of her brother and asked if she could continue to stay. Knowing her to be relatively safe and among friends, I allowed it.

We met at the tavern for drinks, planning, and information gathering. We found out that the meat shop offered free meat to the populace every morning, but that they ran out about noon everyday. We all decided to do some scouting before hand to try and assess the situation as best we can. Tomorrow I am to go and act as one of the crowd waiting for meat in an attempt to get a look at the establishment.

As it turns out, I am no less uneasy at the prospect of getting into a fight that could kill someone, but I am more confident in my cause. I am helping to return peace to a city in turmoil and the preferred goal is not death but capture. These things ease my mind for my second night away from home.


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Nemo's Journal Part 2

Awesome recap. +1 Hero Point!

Nemo's Journal Part 2
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