Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy 3

Welcome to the Guard

From the journal of Baldrago Beetlebrow, formerly of the Korvosan Guard

Me ‘n the boys have settled in to a pretty good spot here in this shop. I’m not quite sure how Watch Sergeant Vancaskerkin knew about this place. He said something about the old butcher being in prison for tax evasion or some such. Maybe Verik put him in the dungeons himself and just now got around to moving in. Butcher’s loss, our gain. Guess Verik isn’t a Watch Sergeant anymore, either. Donno why he still wears the King’s colors after what we done.

Verik said we needed to get Parns to come along with us. He and Malder don’t get along too good, but I told ‘em what is what. Sergeant said Parns worked as a butcher before and we needed him to cut up the meat. He seems to like the work. Much better at butchering than he was at soldiering. And it keeps Karralo out of my way, most days, too. He’s good with a knife but that guy isn’t right in the head.

Sergeant stays in his room most of the time. So I gets to make sure that everything goes like planned. New meat comes in early morning and Karralo and Edgaere put ‘em in the pens. Me ’n Malder give out the cuts to the locals until we run out. Then Parns and Karralo bleed out the new meat and cut it up for the next day. Sometimes we add the night’s special cuts to what we hand out. Easiest way to get rid of it, and these peasants don’t know any better.

Sergeant says we need to give this meat away for nothin’. I don’t understand why, but it ain’t like we’re paying for the cows anyhow. Keeps the peasants on our side, right? But me and Malder figgered out a way for us to make a pile of gold sails anyway. The Cow Hammer Boys. Anyone wants someone taught a lesson we take care of it. And we promise no one we take care of will ever complain, hehe.

Dredge got some idea that the Cow Hammer Boys needed some more help. He’s an idiot but maybe we can make even more coin. These two skirts said they’d do the job for only 25 gold sails. So we can do a few jobs a night and pocket a mess’a gold from this other gang’s work. Edgaere was a little nervous about the other gang, said a couple of them looked like they knew their way around a knife. But he’s always been a pussy. No half-starved gang with girls in charge are gonna take on the Cow Hammer Boys.

Other gang’s supposed to be back before 12 bells. I told Dredge’ta make sure they done the job before they get paid. If not, mebbe we add them to the special cuts, eh?


I love the tone!

Edge of Anarchy 3
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