Pantheon of Many

Completed in 4706 and built in anticipation of Korvosa’s tercentennial, the Pantheon of Many holds within its massive octagonal white-marbled walls shrines to 17 different deities. Of the twenty main deities of Golarion, only Gorum, Lamasthu, and Rovagug do not have shrines within the pantheon. Up until only days after it opened, neither did Cayden Cailean or Desna, but their followers gathered such a large crowd of protest that clerics of the pantheon could not leave the building.

The pantheon respects all of the deities it serves—even the evil and chaos-loving ones—so all 17 spaces are equally sized. Clerics of the represented deities tend to their shrines, performing rites (those that do not violate Korvosan law, anyway) under the watch of a pair of impartial observers. No sacrifices of creatures, intelligent or not, is allowed within the pantheon.

Shrine of Iomedae: Third Sword Knight Aerodus Krupt oversees this small shrine, assisted by Fourth Sword Knights Vigo Drovenge and Menas Euphemi. Most Korvosans expect the Church of Iomedae to move into the Temple of Aroden in Old Korvosa and rededicate it to the Inheritor when the few remaining Arodenite congregants pass away.


Pantheon of Many

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