Vigo Drovenge

Sworn paladin of Iomedae


Vigo’s family is originally from Cheliax, and they were devout believers in the Thrice-damned House of Thrune and worship of Asmodeus. His father was a Hellknight, a Paralictor (minor officer) in the order of the Scourge, based in Citadel Demain near the Chelaxian capital city of Egorian. Vigo was not much of a believer himself, but mouthed the words during worship at Asmodeus’ temple just like most 12-year-old kids.

Even at that time he found himself drawn to the church of Iomedae, a goddess who was once a Chelaxian mortal and who vowed to stamp out chaos wherever it arose. And then chaos hit home – his father was killed by a criminal he was investigating with his squad of Hellknights in one of Egorian’s slums. Having little in the way of support, Vigo’s mother gathered him and his two younger siblings and crossed Conquerer’s Bay by ship to live with her brother, who was a successful merchant in the city-state of Korvosa.

With the disruption in his life, Vigo turned even more strongly to the temple of Iomedae, goddess of valor and justice. While Asmodeus’ church held no appeal, the Inheiritor embodied everything Vigo believed a knight should be. He took his formal vows as a paladin of Iomedae only a few short months later, to the dismay of his mother and uncle.

Sadly, tragedy continued to haunt the Drovenge family. Vigo’s younger sister Rulla overdosed on a horrible drug called shiver, made from the venom of dream spiders. He threw himself into tracking down the scum who had gotten her addicted in the first place, and came up with a name – Gaedren Lamm. While he has been unable to find out where the cretin Lamm is holed up, he discovered he was not alone in his search for the criminal. An elven scholar and wizard named Gregoria Kalissreavil also searches for Lamm, who was involved in the murder of her husband. Gregoria and Vigo have become quite close as a result of their hunt, and the elf has even begun attending Iomedae’s services.

Vigo Drovenge

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