Nemo Quickfin

Oracle of Metal with an alien disposition


Born and raised in a hidden, submerged gillmen village near the seaward edge of the Mushfens in Varisia, Nemo has been a bit of an odd-ball from almost the very beginning. Raised by parents that really didn’t know what to do with him, but loved him none the less and raised him to be kind. While magic is not unusual among the people of his hometown, he has a particular knack with and affinity for all things metal. This leads to him helping with repairs of the town’s tools it doesn’t otherwise seem to be helpful in a town that is mostly underwater. While his ability with metal is odd, it does not compare with has oddest quirk. When he gets upset he begins speaking in a strange language that no one can understand. He has no close friends because anytime he gets too excited he starts spewing gibberish, leading the few other local children to shun him. This lead him to start reading, especially history. He has ready everything that can be found in the town and even some materials found washed ashore from shipwrecks. The town has no priest and having read everything he could get his hands on origin (specifically the death of Gods at the hands of the mortal Aboleths) of his race has lead Nemo to be non-religious, not specifically atheist, but not devout either.

As he grew older he began exploring the waterways and coasts of the swamps and the depths of Conqueror’s Bay near the town. One day while resting on the ocean floor a few miles from shore he sees the form of a small person splash into the water next to vessel. As he continues to watch he sees the ship pull away from the panicking body with no sign of help forthcoming. He swam up and found a young girl that clearly had no idea how to swim. He calmed her down and taught her to float before swimming her to short. During the swim he found out that she was named Yelena, and she was an orphan from Korvosa who had been “recruited” by Gaedren Lamm. After one too many attempts at trying to run away, Lamm’s goons took Yelena out into a rowboat, tied some rocks to her feet and threw her overboard.

After rescuing the Yelena, Nemo took brought his village’s healer and elder to her. Although the gillmen prize secrecy, the elder somewhat surprisingly agreed that Yelena could stay in the village (with the assistance of a powerful relic known as a Pearl of the Sirene). Over the following two years Yelena became Nemo’s first best friend. He loved her as the little sister he never had and didn’t know he wanted. He would bring her “treasures” from his explorations. One day he brought her a necklace made of rusted iron. After seeing the necklace Yelena broke down crying, admitting that she had a little brother whose name was Aedyn that was still in the Korovosa who wore a necklace with that symbol on it. She fears that Lamm’s goons had also thrown him into the sea – and asks Nemo to help her find out the truth.

Nemo and Yelena left their hidden village, following the coast from the water. He makes trips into the coastal villages to get directions and food and a scarf. One night he and Yelena see a fire on the beach and approach to find a woman sitting by the fire. They ask to share the fire in exchange for sharing his catch from earlier in the day. During their conversation he learns her name is Zoe and that she is traveling to Korvosa. He and Yelena take to walking with her along the coastal road and Nemo pretends that he is obsessive about bathing every day to hide his race. They have recently arrived in Korvosa together.

Nemo Quickfin

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