Gregoria Kalissreavil

Wizard and advisor to Mierani Ambassador


Gregoria hails from the town of Crying Leaf, on the edge Mierani Forest in Varisia. Despite the elves’ reputation as a carefree people, she became interested in the laws and traditions of her people at an early age and became recognized as an expert on legal matters. She frequently served as an advisor to Eviana Nirgasson, a sorceress appointed by queen Telandia Edasseril of Kyonin to oversee the town.

Gregoria’s love for elven traditions was shared by her husband Felaelrel, who was a skilled hunter and guide. Five years ago, Eviana asked Felaelrel to escort a delegation to the human city of Korvosa to consult with the Mierani Ambassador there. While the delegation arrived safely, Felaelrel never returned. The Korvosan Guard found his body in a back alley a few days later, stabbed multiple times.

Grief and a need for justice drove Gregoria to travel to Korvosa herself, and through her investigations and with the help of her cousin Perishial, the Mierani Ambassador, she was able to identify the criminal responsible for her husbands murder – Gaedren Lamm. However, despite her searching and the resources of the diplomatic legation, she has been unable to track down Lamm.

In her search for Lamm, Gregoria came across another who has suffered a loss. Vigo Drovenge, a paladin of Iomedae, lost his younger sister to the drug shiver and has spent the last year searching for the drug pusher – a man named Gaedren Lamm. With their shared passion to find Lamm and bring him to justice, the two have grown closer. Gregoria found inspiration in Vigo’s devotion to Iomedae, the goddess of justice, and has turned to the goddess for her own inspiration with the fervor of a new convert.

Gregoria Kalissreavil

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