Asmodia Drovenge

Vigo's mother


Asmodia married strapping young Hellknight Lurconarr Drovenge twenty-five years ago and looked forward to the easy life in Citadel Demain as the wife of a quickly-advancing military officer. When Lurconarr was killed by a criminal he was investigating with his squad of Hellknights in one of Egorian’s slums, Asmodia was forced to take her three children to far away Korvosa to live with her merchant brother Gruckalus.

Only a few years later, tragedy struck again when her middle child Rulla overdosed on shiver. Since that time Asmodia has become increasingly paranoid and isolated, and barely seems aware of what her son Vigo and youngest daughter Vibia are up to. Luckily the children have proved more resilient – Vigo turned to the comfort of the Church of Iomedae, while Vibia has turned her energy to learning the merchant trade from her uncle.

Asmodia Drovenge

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