Aria Tauranor

Hellspawn Acadamae guard


Native to Korvosa, Aria mostly keeps to herself within the city. She has grown used to people’s fear and judgement. Despite their prejudice, she is confident in who she is and doesn’t necessarily want others’ acceptance for being different. She looks out for herself and the ones she loves.

Aria’s mother, a former scholar and instructor at the Acadamae, made a deal with a summoned devil that resulted in prestige and power, this was around 60ish years ago, and now her aging mother still resides in the city.

Aria didn’t have a bad childhood, her mother didn’t reject her, and raised her with love. Though because she was different, she learned from a young age that she needed to learn to protect herself. She was accepted into a fencing school in Korvosa, and is quite skilled with her sword. This, and her mother’s reputation, earned her a job at the Acadamae as a guard.

Aria had a little sister, Korva, that her mother had later in life. Ten years ago she died from a drug overdose. Aria recently found out her sister was left to die after being supplied by Gaedren Lamm.

When she began working at the Acadamae, she found herself befriended by another outsider, Kell Nora. They became fast friends, and Aria sees lot of her sister in her. The only people Aria cares for in this world are her mother and Kell.

Aria Tauranor

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